About Me


My name is Don Edirisinghe, and I am the owner of Luxwerk Photography. I am a formally trained graphic designer with an Advanced Diploma from North Metropolitan TAFE (formerly Central Institute of Technology) in Perth. After working in the design industry for several years, I decided to follow my passion for photography and became a full-time photographer four years ago.

As a passionate photographer, I have a unique talent for capturing natural emotions and spontaneous moments in my photos. I use my strong formal design training to compose photos that are visually striking, while also ensuring that my photos remain true to the emotions and feelings of the moment. With my formal training in Adobe Suite, I am able to edit photos to bring out the best in the photographs I take, creating stunning images that will last a lifetime.

Originally from Sri Lanka, I migrated to Australia 15 years ago. I have been studying photography masters such as Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Doisneau, William Klein, Annie Leibovitz, Martin Parr, Joe Buissink, and Alex Webb, incorporating the lessons I learn into my own photography. I am passionate about using my photography skills to help people preserve their memories and tell their stories through my images.

Looking to the future, I aim to expand Luxwerk Photography by adding more photographers with a similar style to mine. This will allow us to provide our services to a wider range of clients in Perth, ensuring that we can continue to deliver exceptional results while also meeting the unique needs and desires of each client.

I take great pride in my work, and my attention to detail and passion for photography are evident in every photograph I take. I have a strong commitment to delivering exceptional results for my clients and take the time to understand their unique needs and desires. My goal is to create photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime, capturing the emotions and feelings of the moment and telling a story that will be remembered for years to come.

Photo of Don. The principle photographer at Luxwerk photography in Dunsborough

Don Edirisinghe

Owner and Photographer