Rahul and Jyoti smiling and posing for a funny photo with various props

Rahul and Jyoti’s 25th Wedding Anniversary

Rahul and Jyoti was celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and their daughter hired us to take photos of the event. It was held at the beautiful Left Bank pub next to the Swan river in Fremantle.

We captured candid photos of the couple and the guests. It was during the sunset and we managed to capture some exceptional photos that everyone was happy with. At Luxwerk we like to take mixture of candid and posed photos to capture the event to tell a story of the day. Please contact us if you like to get your event captured by us.

Photography: Luxwerk

Location: The Left Bank, Fremantle

Jyoti enjoying herself at her wedding anniversary party in Left Bank pub in east fremantle
Posing with props
Guests at Rahul and Joytis wedding anniversary taking a selfie
Photo of Jyoti's wedding ring
Wedding ring
Rahul and Friends enjoying themselves at his 25th anniversary party
Friends being silly
Rahul and Jyoti posing for a photo with the cake at their 25th wedding anniversary party at the left bank pub in fremantle
Happy couple
Photo of Rahul and Jyoti at sunset near fremantle bridge
Just Married for 25 years
Joyti with funny sunglasses smiling a candid photo
Photo of Rahul and Jyoti sitting on a bench at sunset in fremantle next to the swan river at their anniversary party
Happy couple
Family and friends posing for a photo in fremantle at sunset at Rahul and Jyoti's 25th wedding anniversary party
Family and friends.
The left bank pub in East Fremantle at Sunset
The Left Bank Pub at sunset
Kids in the family is enjoying themselves at Rahul and Jyoti's wedding anniversary party
Candid moment