Scotford fennessy logo coasters at hq bar and kitchen

Scotford Fennessy 20th Birthday Party

As a corporate event photographer based in Perth, Luxwerk Photography was recently hired by the renowned recruitment agency Scotford Fennessy to capture the essence of their 20th birthday celebration. Our team was thrilled to work with such a reputable company and be a part of their special day. We understand the importance of corporate events and the significance they hold for businesses and their clients.

At Luxwerk Photography, we specialise in event photography, including corporate events, and we understand the unique challenges that come with it. We are skilled in capturing every moment of the event, from candid shots to formal group photos. We use high-quality equipment and techniques to produce stunning images that capture the essence of the event and the emotions of the attendees.

The Scotford Fennessy 20th birthday event took place at HQ Bar+Kitchen at Quay hotel in Perth, and We were able to capture the vibrant atmosphere and excitement of the occasion. The event planner, Known Associates, did an excellent job of creating a memorable experience for all attendees, and we were able to capture every detail in our photographs. Our images not only serve as a record of the event but also as a tool for future marketing efforts and business development.

At Luxwerk Photography, we understand the importance of corporate events and the role they play in the growth of businesses. We are dedicated to capturing every moment of the event and delivering high-quality images that exceed our clients’ expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our corporate event photography services and how we can help your business capture the essence of your next event.

Photography: Luxwerk
Location: HQ Bar+Kitchen
Event Planning: Known Associates