group is posing for a photo dressed in 1920s clothing stype

The Charleston Opening Party

The Charleston is a property that is newly renovated as an Airbnb rental in West Perth. We captured the opening party. The theme was Great Gatsby and we were transported the Jazz age. It was a unique party at a unique location with great food, wine and smiles.

Photography: Luxwerk

Location: The Charleston

Front facade of the charlston building with an old car parked infront
Front facade of the charleston
group of men posing infront of an old car dressed as old gangsters
Old is gold
Speeches at the front yard of the Charleston
Group of women posing in side an old car
In the limo
People taking a selfie while dressed in 1920's clothing
Jazz age selfie
Two men posing with a car and toy guns to look like gangsters
A woman posing for a photo next to a poster for the great gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio's face
Photo with Jay Gatsby
Two people kissing dressed as couple from 1920s and one dressed as a pilot
20’s kiss